Breads on Oak Bakery

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At one time, 90% of the bread eaten in the city was made by local bakers, with baking techniques consisting of long fermentations of more than 12 hours. After studying the history of breads in New Orleans, he wanted to bring back to Old World French breads and baking style to the city. Sean learned the art of bread baking by studying under Master Bakers and World Champions at the French Pastry School. Sean wanted to make New Orleans the greatest bread city in America as it was 100 years ago, . On June 29, 2012, Sean and his wife, Chamain–who’s a New Orleans native and vegan–opened Breads On Oak. After several years, the Bakery morphed into a full service Cafe serving breakfast and lunch, and in June 2018 the Cafe turned 100% plant-based. The cafe is powered mostly by solar, uses compostable, plant-based packaging, and donates, recycles and/or composts all left-overs/waste. Breads On Oak wants you to feel like you’re among family. Aside from an awesome caring staff of bakers and baristas, the cafe is home to three darling gentle kitties–Sashy, Crooked Neck, and Ninja. Also, on any given day, you’ll probably see Chamain’s sassy mom, Barbara, working as a barista serving customers, her sweet aunt, Antoinette, restocking and cleaning, and her eccentric sister Gina, cleaning tables. So leave your cares behind and come enjoy the warm bakery life with us!
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