Resource Management

Resource Management


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Diversion Rate


[3,771,561 lbs]

Total Waste Generated (lbs)

We have a company policy to use scrap paper when available.
We have eliminated plastic bottled beverages in the workplace.
We have eliminated disposable cups.
We have eliminated disposable soap dispensers.
We have eliminated K-cups and other disposable coffee pods.
We have eliminated styrofoam.
We eliminated disposable eatware.
We purchase items that are manufactured with recycled materials.
We recycle plastic.
We recycle paper.
We recycle cardboard.
We recycle fats and oils.
We compost food waste
We donate leftover food.
We donate used materials no longer needed.
We donate deconstructed building materials.
We limit waste production by buying in unpackaged or in bulk.
We dispose of hazardous waste responsibly.
Our recycling bins are more accessible than trash cans (people have to get up to go to trash and recycling bins are more convenient.)
Our trashcans are paired with recycling bins.
Our recycling bins have signs indicating which materials can be recycled.
We use innovative solutions to recycle or upcycle what would otherwise be considered waste.