The Love Your City Initiative is a community platform that makes it really easy for anyone to make a greater impact in their community. We do this by:

Defining impact locally. We work with a local advisory board made up of impact experts to help identify the most important needs of the community, from affordable housing to climate change mitigation. These impacts are quantified into indicators and metrics that individuals and organizations can contribute to achieving - and service providers are listed who can help organizations deliver outcomes.
Creating a business scorecard and simple assessment that makes it really easy for local organizations, non-profit and for-profit alike, to assess their operations and services and align them towards these community goals.
Empowering individuals through an Impact Directory, where they can find volunteer opportunities, policy advocacy opportunities, and impactful organizations to support with their time, donations, or consumer choices.
Tracking impact & celebrating success at the Annual Love Your City Awards, where neighborhoods, and organizations large and small alike come together to celebrate an economy that works for good, based on real data and community participation.
Aligning investors with impact opportunities by identifying local gaps in an economy that works for good, such as cooperative models, industrial composting technology, and more.

The truth is that the one thing we likely all have in common in the world is the desire to belong - to be loved. And it is by giving to others that we also experience that love and sense of belonging in return.

We hope that this platform makes it just a little bit easier to give and receive some love. We hope that with a simple directory and a dashboard that tracks your impact, you’ll be even more motivated to be intentional with your time and money by directing it towards your community’s most important needs.

In 2015 the United Nations General Assembly set a collection of 17 development goals and 170 targets to steer member countries’ efforts towards a more sustainable and resilient global community. These collection is meant to be tailored and adapted to each community to guide collective efforts within. No community challenge can be solved alone. And no system can be changed by one person. We are that community. We are that system. It is our collective choices that can build a more equitable and sustainable future.

Will you join us? It’s free and easy.

Empower your organization: take the Love Your City Assessment.

Find a volunteer opportunity: look at what is happening near you.

Shop smart: support local Love Your City Certified companies.

The Love Your City Initiative is made possible by a partnership between LifeCity, L3C, and GivePulse Inc. LifeCity brings impact management tools to GivePulse’s volunteer management software, where we can connect volunteers to impact opportunities, sustainable companies, and other types of impactful events, all while tracking multiple forms of impact.

How we measure impact: From Global to Local

First, we start with UN Development Goals for sustainability as well as international indicators using the Global Impact Investing Rating System.

Then, we look at sector specific indicators for your industry.

Finally, we prioritize impact based on the priorities of the local community, so you earn more points for impact that is most needed.

Interested in setting up a Love Your City Initiative in your community? Contact